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A glimpse of South America through my eyes.

South America – 2008

It may sound cliche, but everywhere I look there is beauty.

Born to explore…

and be captivated and curious in all that life lays in front of me.

Fascinating Art

I was like a magnet being drawn towards these large scale installations, they were sensational! I’ve always had a  passion for scrap, found objects and metal, creating much smaller scaled pieces with a welding torch, so my appreciation for these huge sculptural creations was enormous.  They were truly amazing.

One last angle at this beautiful piece.
I also gravitate to large scale graffiti…. beautiful!
Murals, Graffiti, Colour, Energy….it’s everywhere!

A patchwork of colour in Lima

We landed in Lima and all I wanted to do is cross the bridge and walk amongst those beautifully coloured houses on the mountain.

Do we cross the bridge even though police were telling us not to?


On that hill, there was a little shop owner that created amazing drinks with Maca root, honey and a frog. Yes the well known Frog in a blender. 

It was quite tasty and the experience finding this little treasure will be in my memory for ever.

The word cemetery (from Greek)

means “sleeping place”.

Here are a few images from my collection of cemeteries. Many more to follow.


Unique and precious, much like the individual who was laid to rest.


You can learn a lot from visiting cemeteries.


This is a humble yet Monumental cemetery with it being above ground.


I have a deep respect to those who lie beneath and share that beneath my breath while photographing.

Burial Grounds, Cemeteries, Resting places are unique, fascinating and crucial for learning about culture and societies through out history.