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France 2005

Through my eyes….

Around and around we go….

where we stop….. Arles, on a warm balmy night, romantic, whimsical and oh so inviting!

Where do your thoughts go when you think of France?

Many of us have a romantic vision of France, and it truly is romantic, charming, picturesque and a whole lot of fun driving around the countryside exploring.

Here are a few teaser photos to lure you into exploring this beautiful country.

July Sunflowers were so stunning!
You have to stop and take all this sunshine in.
You can’t help but smile and feel totally grateful.

This is France, lush with history, castles, wineries, vast fields of sunflowers and of course cemeteries.

There are so many historic Castle ruins, and they are striking in their historic beauty.

If you allow your thoughts to take you back to Medieval times while wandering through or hiking up the old worn stone stairs, it’s the most incredible, exhilarating experience and is not difficult to do.

I loved strolling and taking photos through some of the Parisian Cemeteries. Not necessarily to see where many famous individuals are laid to rest. My fascination is with the artistry and unique ways each plot has been created to honor the individual who has passed.

A warm hug from a blanket of Ivy.

Humble, religious and old.

Elegant and secure

Faith and Hope

Cemeteries of the past.

My visits to cemeteries is not macabre or a fixation on death.  It’s an interest and respect for history, artistry and architecture. 
I suppose you could call me a Taphophile. I have hundreds of photos of cemeteries and burial grounds from everywhere I’ve traveled.  And have even created a small book with imagery and poetry for myself. I’ll share that another day.