Candace Slack

Photography & Mixed Media Artist

Soon to Come …… NFT creations.


Take a ‘minute’ and observe the beauty in the space and objects that surround you. The shadows cast by a stream of light, the curl of a flowers petal before it drops. 

Feel Blessed for that ‘time’.

What Art means to me?

Art, to me, is a way of seeing, feeling, sharing and expressing all that is around me and runs through me. 

I consciously choose a medium or multiple mediums to assist me in the creative, exploratory process making a tangible piece from  the various emotions or stories I may have or want to share.

Since my Love and passion for nature is endless and all consuming, ..(well, I do love motorcycles too) …what I’m trying to say is that creating, creating and creating is who I am and what Art means to me.

What type of art are you looking for?


I’m passionate about Still life Nature, Zen, Minimalist style photography and Candid Portraiture.

Mixed Media

In my Mixed Media pieces, I explore with mediums such as Cold Wax, Encaustic and found objects.


My paintings are either, Oil, Acrylic or Watercolour.  The theme or commission will usually dictate what medium I use.

Buy a Piece Today

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art or are looking for a commissioned piece, please contact me today.

Enjoy browsing my site.